Round & Soft Elk Collar


Astonishing delicacy with confidence! 

Handcrafted from rare Nordic elk leather, this collar is designed for all breeds, offering distinct comfort, strength and purity of style. Exquisitely soft, rounded edges, precise seaming and artful reinforced stitching highlight flawless design and craftsmanship.

The round-stitched material is especially fur-friendly and has a high wearing comfort for your dog. The reason why the surface of the ROUND & SOFT ELK collar is so supple is the Scandinavian elk leather - this exquisite surface also conceals a core made of nylon. As a result, the collar is not only elegant but also suitable for everyday use.

 Adjustable: 9.4" - 10.6" / 24 - 27 cm
 x 0.2" ( x 0.6cm)


Round & Soft Elk Collar

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