Loop Pooch Cushion

Dog bed Puppy bed Donut LOOP for small dogs & large dogs - it couldn't be more cuddly, softer & fluffy!

This fluffy soft dog bed Loop invites you to cuddle and relax. At the same time, this dog bed offers security through its shape - not only do puppies feel comfortable here, it is also
a perfect sleeping and cuddling place for all dogs or cats. 

For a particularly high cuddle factor, this dog bed is completely covered with soft faux fur plush. Inside stable but soft and noiseless filled with poly fiber flakes and foam sticks.

Sufficiently thickly padded and filled, this donut is also healthy for the bones and joints.

- The outer fabric is a real hand and paw flatterer. Incredibly soft and cuddly to the touch, classy and squishy to look at.
- Insensitive and durable.
- Damp cloths or sponges with soapy water are usually sufficient to remove small stains and dirt.

We would like to point out that this loop with the soft plush outer fabric is not suitable for dogs with long, pointed or sharp claws. This material is too soft for this and the inner cushions would also be damaged. Furthermore, this loop does not like bites and nibbles ...

The dog bed LOOP is handcrafted like all products from the DOGS in the CITY label.



Loop Pooch Cushion

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Loop Pooch Cushion

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