Linus Cushion

 Our new Linus collection is new, innovative and based on ecological aspects! 

According to the motto "I was a plastic bottle", the cushions and beds from the LINUS collection are made from 100% recycled outer fabric .

12 PET bottles make 1 square meter of polyester fiber.
That's about the fabric consumption of a box bed in size M or a dog cushion in size S.

Fabrics made from recycled PET bottles are in no way different from standard fabrics and are of high quality. They have the same properties, a pleasant, soft structure, behave like natural materials and are hard-wearing, durable and very easy to clean.
The production of fabrics from plastic bottles uses less water and energy than the production of fabrics from conventional materials.

All kinds of transparent plastic bottles are the raw material for the production of this substance. The bottles are washed and the labels removed. The bottles are then processed into fine granules and later drawn into threads that are then woven into fabric.

Upper: 100% PET / PES
Fill: 100% Polyester

S: 80x60x15cm (see picture)
M: 100x80x15cm
L: 120x90x15cm


Linus Cushion

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Linus Cushion


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